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Using pursuit of uncompromised creativity to help start a revolution based on the empowerment of what is good in people (and pick up on some hot sex with quality sluts).


Check out our latest album release Coup De Ta-Ta’s including free downloads on “music” page.


Find out about upcoming live shows.


Listen down to the best local/unsigned bands original online radio station on “radio” page.


Let us tickle your prostate on our “Amateur Proctologist” page.


And if you’ve really got some brass ones and want to see the face of the man behind the curtain, try downloading the Flabby book The Avant Guardian Volumes 1 and 2 now available for e-readers and direct download along with other merch on our “Store” page.


Check back often to the Flabby News Scroll for more updates and links to fresh new photos of totally nude barely legal barnyard animals.


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