Flabby Hoffman and the Flabby Hoffman Trio are available for Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Beach Blanket Bingo Parties and Low Country Boils for a nominal fee (and frequently would work for nothing more than a paper sack full of soup bones). To contact Flabby directly please click on the picture to the left of film legend Fatty Arbuckle to send Flabs an email.




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We have choices in life still believe it or not. We can sit here and take it, allowing ourselves to slowly be converted into the victims of a total police state ruled by a bloodthirsty clique of pathological overlords or we can do things in our daily lives to make a real difference. The key to the modern day revolution is how we shop and what we choose to listen to/watch. Instead of going to a Cubs game…go see a local band. Instead of seeing a blockbuster movie, go to local theater. Instead of listening to mainstream terrestrial radio, find an indy internet radio station. Seek out the owners of media and products and make purchases based on their practices and take charge of what you consume. The only way to affect change in this world is to become more informed and to use that information in conjunction with the money you spend to create a demand for cooler stuff. Boycott sporting events until they stop building billion dollar stadiums every 20 years and start spending that billion on education. Make a list of people that advertise on Clear Channel owned radio stations and let them know you are never going to give them a penny of your money again. Stop watching mainstream TV altogether. In fact if you really want the world to change, all we really have to do is get rid of our TV sets. You want to change Citizens United…you think that big money in politics shall doom us to all be pawns of a few billionaires? You’re right…but if no one is watching TV, no one is on Facebook or getting their news off Google/AP…then where are they going to spend all those billions? Downsize and think locally act high mindedly and enlist everyone you know to do the same. Draw a line in the sand. Get inspired. There’s more to this life than what money can buy….much more. All it takes is dedication, a belief that you matter. Don’t let the fact that you aren’t on television or that they spend their whole time focused on morons diminish your sense of self. That is what they are trying to do. A life well lived is its own reward. There is nothing to fear. Knowledge equals liberation. Now is the time to free yourself.