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Wouldn’t You Like To Pass The Time With A Little Game Of Solitaire – What is wrong with the 7-11 Stores people? Why is it still called that? When they started it like 40 years ago or so, it signified the hours the stores were open. Before that, literally nothing was open that early or that late except like brothels and White Castle. But within a few years they were open all the time and should have renamed themselves 24-7…but for some reason they never did (which by the way is a sign of how much harder we are forced to work now than we did in the 70’s the fact that so many people have to work such extreme hours and need junk at all hours of the day and night to sustain it). Not only is it now a lie and a national disgrace, but it is this type of blatant mule headedness that makes us a laughing stock of the whole damn world. Look at all those stupid Americans they say. Look at them going into a place called 7-11 at 6:59…at 11:01….heck, any damn time. Either lose the name or close up at night…your choice. Just quit making all of us look like chumps. – Nurse Ballmeat 04/01/13

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