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FLABBY ROADClick here to purchase the follow up Flabby double album called Flabby Road. This CD includes such family favorites as: Getting Baked With The Baby Sitter; Groin Pull Tug Of War and Industrial Hemp Fields Forever.
ILLEGALLY DOWNLOAD THIS CDClick here to purchase the debut long playing disc Illegally Download This CD containing such hits as: Having Sex With A Jar Of Peanut Butter; Getting My Best Friend’s Sister Knocked Up While On A 5k AIDS Walk; and Dutch Oven Pup Tent.
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This song is about the emptiness that follows shortly after a weekend of alcohol fueled debauchery with a hard bodied hottie who you wind up kicking to the curb the minute you’ve cut a nut like some hot and moist used diaper.


The bulk of what gets forced down our throats by the maleficent misanthropic bastards at Clear Channel/Live Nation is pre-digested propaganda designed to brainwash you into being a vapid and infantile mouth breather barely capable of mustering enough brain power to keep breathing. This song lashes out at those who would seek to do this to us and our world.


There are so few people that are actual human beings these days. The trend is more towards people being a pud knocker, a jag wad or a walking blow job. This song points out the trend and uses metaphors, satire and one of those propeller planes that carries a message behind it at beach fronts in the summer and baseball games.


When you go up against hell, its best to fight fire with fire. In this track from Flabby Road, the Flabby Trio is out for landing the big game. Perhaps this track can be your umbrella when the world tries to take a toxic dump on your chest.


Its inconceivable to the Flabby Trio that people would not be completely sick and tired of having sex used exclusively to sell products to them for the last 40 years and love used as the only means of creating a happy ending to movies and TV shows even though most of the time love doesn’t even come close to resembling the Hollywood/Cinderella version. This song tells it like it is. Love ain’t all its cracked up to be.


Most of today’s modern music has the range of a Chevy Volt and the emotional depth of a puddle of hobo urine. Not so with the Flabby Hoffman Trio. This band is going deeper than legendary tripod Huey Lewis goes on your mama at booty call time.Tired of having music lip synched by poseurs who couldn’t find a clue if you shoved it right in their stupid face? Did you know that 79 people got various production credits on Justin Bieber’s “Believe” album. What the heck did they even find for 79 people to do on that piece of disposable garbage? A year after that album has dropped, no one is ever going to play that it again.In 1967, an era where people had to edit tape by hand, a little band called The Beatles put together perhaps the greatest creative music achievement ever called Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. 45 years later, this album sits on the top 10 of nearly every “best of” album listing and still gets a lot of sales and spins. Does Sgt. Pepper list 80 people or more with production credits? Is that the secret to great expressiveness? Nope. Sgt. Pepper lists only two people with production credits. That’s the whole problem in a nutshell. Too much plastic bull dink, not enough humanity. Real music is all about humanity.Today’s mainstream crap has more product placement than emotional content and is more like a computer program than a song. Its time to kick that bull dink to the curb, and the Flabby Hoffman Trio has got a giant foot just itchin to get the job done.The Flab Trio makes music where the focus is on expressiveness, not glitziness. Its about a quest for the undiscovered groove that can turn everybody on. Its about the search for truth and intense personal awareness of yourself and the world around you. Not about how you spend your whole life boozing it up on the dance floor, driving luxury cars and makin’ it rain at the strip club. But you don’t have to “belieber” me, take a listen for yourself and see if you aren’t a changed person.