Independent music driven by emotional content instead of marketing departments has become more endangered than the siberian tiger, the white rhino and politeness combined. That’s why we put together Flabby Radio. Here is a one stop shop for you to find the emotionally charged and uncompromised jams that can stir your mojo with music that goes balls deep every time. Why not click on our radio station, smoke a few boofers and get yourself into some organic head space with us? Plus with our team of crack addled announcers and their outrageous comedy bits, you just might laugh so hard you’d wet yourself over and over.


WARNING: Flabby Radio contains material that is of an adult nature both in language and subject matter which might be offensive to younger and more sensitive listeners. Parental discretion is advised.


Any actual names or references to persons, celebrities or products in the material written for, performed on or presented on Flabby Radio are used in a fictitious, satirical and parodic manner. All copyrights of individual songs belong to the contributors and are used with the consent of the artists themselves FOR PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.



Bands/Artists that wish to submit music for play on Flabby Radio please forward two MP3’s (one that you want to feature as a single and one deep cut) to flabbyradio(at)yahoo(dot)com. Please include the following information.

  1. Copy and paste the entire paragraph below directly into the body of your email:I submit this music for play on Flabby Radio. I (the artist) own the rights to this music and/or act as a representative for the acts responsible for this music and Flabby Hoffman is merely someone who wants to try and help the music get heard…not own a piece of it. Use of this music is for entertainment and promotional purposes only and does not include any assignation of rights other than for the purposes intended on this free voluntary enterprise. There is no monetary arrangement or compensation for the spinning of this music on Flabby Radio on the part of either party, nor shall there be without mutual written consent.
  2. Attach each song in MP3 format to an email directed to FlabbyRadio(at)yahoo(dot)com
  3. Titling your MP3 file is important. Please make sure to include the following in the file name before you submit the attached file: a) The Name Of Each Song b) The Artist’s Name For Each Song c) The release (album) the song is culled from. Should those options not be available to you in the naming of the file, please be sure to include that information along with a weblink for the artist. We shall include as much information as possible in terms of the titling, weblink and artist.
  4. Please forward your current booking email address. The booking email is only for us to update our files for booking live shows with your band down the road and is not intended for release to the public or reselling for any reason. There are still 4-6 Flabby Hoffman Caravans (rock line ups) being booked in Chicago every month.


fh_header_picBelow are video clips from the Chicago local TV series Flabby Hoffman, specifically a mini-talk show sketch we did a few years back called Colony Collapse Disorder. This show has appeared every Thursday night from 11:30pm to 12:30am on Chicago Cable Channel 19 CAN-TV and features a wide array of music, comedy and variety showcasing of unsigned acts as well as the occasional original production that we script and put together ourselves. The goal is to provide an environment that encourages artists to follow their own creative instincts. No editorializing or censorship of the creative expressions other than the occasional bleeping of swear words has ever been done on the Flabby Hoffman show. The artist is in complete control of the content of their performance.