two_flabbiesFLABBY MEETS HIS IDOL AND ROLE MODEL – THE FAT ELVIS FLABBYs_ANGELS FLABBY DURING HIS STINTIN 1976 AS ONE OF THE ORIGINAL CHARLIE’S ANGELS FLAB-BABY FLAB-BABY SEEN HERE INTHE ARMS OF HIS WET NURSE THE BLACK QUEEN ELIZABETH   COOCHIE_MAMA FLABBY WITH HIS FIRST WIFE THE “COOCHIE, COOCHIE” GAL CHARO   denver_and_me FLABBY HANGS WITH HIS SPIRITUAL GURU ROCK LEGEND, ENVIRONMENTALIST AND ACTOR JOHN DENVER   HELLO_DALI ALWAYS ON THE AVANT GARDE TIP FLABBY MAKES THE SCENE WITH SURREALIST RECLUSE SALVADOR DALI fh_newsletter_signupThe term “Get Flabby” has come to mean more than just the title of the 70’s documentary on the minimalist renegade faction of Momenchantz of transgendered ballet dancing midgets who huffed gasoline and model glue before every performance. No…in fact at some point within the next 16 years or so, the term “Get Flabby” might become more closely associated with the rag tag bunch of iconoclastic creative co-conspirators yearning to express themselves freely on the Flabby Hoffman show, website or wish to have their feet on the upcoming Flabby Foot Fetish Calendar 2005 tentatively slated to be called “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now.” Here is a place where you can plug in to the effort to express the inexpressible. If you want, you can sign up for the weekly Flabby newsletter with upcoming Flabby events, open call production and audition needs (as well as a little wackiness and home improvement advice). Or if you have a comment, a query, an unresolved problem that you would like some friendly advice about, need some consultation from our insane hippie accountant, or otherwise talked down from the metaphorical ledge from a personal situation riddled with indifference and/or calamity; there is a reasonable amount of assurance that you can be accommodated with the appropriate instructions to find the road to solace here on this page. This is also the current home of Mr. Lizard the Wizard and so if you get really stuck with some bad Ju Ju, Mr. Lizard insists that if you say the words “Drizzle Drazzle Druzzle Drome…time for this one to come home” your problems will magically disappear into the ether.  


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  773-202-5594 Can’t wait to hear from you unless you’re a jerk, in which case please send a comment to someone else like a cigarette company. They got a lotta jerks over there and are much more likely to be the source of whatever is really bothering you than a freak like me and my artsy fartsy friends would be. Its time to focus your anger on the people truly responsible and try to see through the mind control they have imposed upon you to try and get you to lash out against their enemies and let us fight amongst ourselves while they take us to the cleaners.   flabbytoon3   When it has become evident in the course of human endeavors, that no men are created equal and that such a nation conceived in slavery should be endowed by their creator to thine own self be true. So much of how they dominate this world is stemmed from the conspicuous use of sublimation and exploitation of sex in our society. We parade Hillary Duff, Brittany Spears, the tarts from Saved By The Bell and The Olsen Twins with their firm but frequently illegal poo-nannies all up in your face with 3-D surround slut action all so the corporations that pimp them can push product down your throat while your mouth is open and your tongue is wagging. They actually refer to cute young semi-naked girls as “production value.” Then the holier-than-thou sanctimonious hypocrites come out of the woodwork the minute Janet Jackson finally shows the one part of her boob that America hasn’t been bombarded with a million frickin times in every single video, advertisement and picture she has ever appeared in, and all of the sudden they get a hard on for censoring speech. Janet’s areolas are just an edgy version of her cleavage, doing the same thing that she has made a 20 year career out of…using her jugs to move product for the corporate blood suckers and using her vapid emotionless music to carry out the social engineering designs of the crypto-fascist military industrial complex. Its all just designed to ultimately limit our overall freedom of speech. Flabby makes this one promise: If you come out to see one of his live gigs, buy one of his albums or download his book, he will never exploit or use his irresistible sexuality as a marketing tool!