osamaThis report is not a joke, it is not designed as entertainment as the rest of this site is. It is an actual literary document containing what most would interpret as a radical perspective and analysis of the 9/11 tragedy in an honest attempt to offer a legitimate rationalization other than the one created by our government. The idea is that our government is incapable of objectively investigating themselves as many of them might be to blame for what happened.


The ideas in this report are widely divergent from the mainstream and are offered here in the belief that the reason why it would be important for us to fight terror is to protect our freedom. That freedom should not simply mean the freedom to go to a shopping mall or to change the channel on the TV, it should mean that we have the right. even the obligation to seek truth and discuss possibilities no matter where they lead. That is what our founders fought for, that is why we continue to fight, die and sacrifice to maintain this country. The American Dream was once to create a land where we could be free from oppression based on our beliefs, not to be able to own a house in the suburbs and consume like a brain dead Mr. Creosote.


So enter at your own risk! Simply clicking however might be enough to kick Echelon into gear at the N.S.A. to track all of your communications. Do you have the clackers to protect your freedom or do you prefer riding the mechanical douche at the no-deo.


Click on Osama’s beard in the photo above to receive the Flabby Hoffman 9/11 Commission Report.